10 Reasons Every Family Needs to Travel


Mike and I have traveled to 15+ countries together with Whitney and now with Mara. We have had some good times and hard times but ultimately we feel that we’ve grown in so many ways from these experiences. We agree that getting out of our comfort zone and trying new things has made our marriage and family stronger. There are so many reasons we think families should travel together, here are just a few.

Experiences new places with people you love

Traveling to a new destination and exploring beautiful parts of the world is even better when you are with people that you love. Whether it’s a beautiful hike to a mountain top, watching the waves on a beach, or checking out a view from the top of a skyscraper, it’s always better when you can share it with people you care about. 

Take a break from daily distractions

Days, weeks, and months fly by too quickly when life is filled with work and other activities. Family members fill their days with all of the things there are to do and it can be challenging finding quality time together. We’ve learned that quality time is important for building strong relationships! Getting away for a week or longer allows family members to reconnect and enjoy one another’s company without the stress that comes with daily life.

Learn from other cultures 

When visiting another country each member of the family will experience learning from another culture and can be humbled by their experience. They will gain a new perspective on life and a greater respect for other cultures. These life experiences may increase their gratitude for what they have and give them greater respect for other peoples and cultures.


Learn a new language 

Learning a language in school is nice but learning a language while visiting another country is even better! Family members can have fun learning a new language from a local, a phrase book, or even with the help of Google translate! Learning a new language gives them something fun to do while traveling around and is something to laugh about when trying to communicate with the locals. 

Get out of your comfort zone

No matter where you travel to, travel forces people to try new things and get out of their comfort zone. When a family does something together that is new and different they bond in a unique way because they experienced it together. These experiences often happen when doing adventure activities like camping, rafting, caving, bungee jumping, zip-lining, surfing, etc...  While these activities are uncomfortable and challenging they also can become the life-changing moments that bond a family together.

Make memories

Positive and happy memories that come from traveling together are what can get a family through really hard times. Spending time away from home allows real time to talk, listen, experience, work, laugh, and connect. These priceless moments will live long in the minds of family members and help them through challenging times. 


Discover new passions

Traveling allows for time to try new activities like hiking, surfing, rafting, climbing, cooking, crafting, etc… During these activities family members may discover a new skill, talent, or hobby which they can continue when they return home! Being in a new location is a great time to be inspired by what’s unique to that location and learn from local people. You never know what will come from trying new things!

Learn how to work together

Whether it’s putting up a tent or navigating a new city, there are so many opportunities for families to work together while traveling. These times teach family members how to compromise, have patience, get along, forgive, have fun, etc… Important life skills are developed as family members learn to work together to create meaningful experiences. We think this benefit is priceless!

Build better communication skills

Excellent communication skills are built as family members plan together and travel together. There can be stressful situations during a trip that force family members to make decisions and talk about “what to do” when things get hard. These skills learned while traveling will hopefully help family members communicate better when they return back to normal life.

Build stronger and more meaningful relationships

Being away from friends and other distractions allow for stronger relationships to be built. Experiencing a long flight or long road trip give more time for meaningful conversations that can bring them closer together. When family members have stronger relationships they will get along better, be kinder to one another, and have more fun together.


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